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Concentrates are made of whey (marked C) and / or skim milk (marked M) and / or a mixture of skim milk and whey (marked CM index) non-dairy fat, antioxidant, emulsifier, with followed heat treatment, thickening,dispersing and drying in a spray dryer.

Allows replacement of skim milk and buttermilk / or liquid whey protein concentrate with a protein content in dry substance of at least 35%, and also may be replaced whey of whey permeate.

Depending on the physical and chemical parameters of the concentrates produced the following types:

  • Мilk fatconcentrate - "KMZH - 20-C";
  • Мilk fatconcentrate - "KMZH - 20-M";
  • Мilk fatсoncentrate - "KMZH - 30-C";
  • Мilk fatсoncentrate - "KMZH - 30-M";
  • Мilk fat сoncentrate- "KMZH - 40-C";
  • Мilk fat сoncentrate- "KMZH - 40-M";
  • Мilk fatсoncentrate - "KMZH - 50-C";
  • Мilk fatсoncentrate - "KMZH - 50-M";
  • Мilk fat сoncentrate- "KMZH - 20 CM";
  • Мilk fatсoncentrate - "KMZH - 40-SM";
  • Мilk fat сoncentrate- "KMZH - 30 CM";
  • Мilk fat сoncentrate- "KMZH - 50 cm."


Milk fat concenrates are intended for use as a component in the production of whole milk substitutes for calves, fodder products, and also for direct feeding farm animals.


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