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About us

TisztaTermek Company, TTC,is the largest investor-trader in an agricultural industry of the Russian Federation and the countries of the CIS, the EU and China. Direct and strategic investment in different sectors of the economy is the main activity of our investment and consulting organization.

The main areas of interest of our company are the deep processing of milk, vegetables and fruits. More than that we take part in projects related to agriculture, industry, transport, trade, etc.

TisztaTermek Company is a large company that has been successfully operating on the market for over 10 years. Our activityis based on the best practice of international business investment.We independently develop and implement solutions thatimprove the efficiency of existing and emerging businesses to our clients.

Our experts are ready to give an objective assessment of business problems that are relevant for our partners to offer their extensive knowledge and experience in various fields of economy, promptly render qualified assistance in solving various issues.

The advantage of TisztaTermek Company, TTC:

  • Significant experience (over 10 years);
  • Representation in supplier countries;
  • Prompt delivery;
  • Optimized storage;
  • Reputation reliable and successful company;
  • Convenient location own warehouses;
  • Debugged and clear control system;
  • Qualified staff;
  • Legal and financial responsibility TTC.

Cooperating with TisztaTermek Company, our partners can always expect to comprehensive professional support.

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