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About us

TisztaTermek Company is engaged in investing in various sectors of the economy, including the agricultural and industrial production, science, health, transport and trade. Our company works as investor-raider in the CIS, China, Russia and EU more than 10 years. The main office is in Moscow, offices for regional coordination are in Beijing and Budapest.

Now, the main activity is investment in agribusiness. We are engaged in deep processing of food raw materials and producing of wide range of high-tech products from milk, vegetables and fruits

AIC TisztaTermek Company has an impeccable reputation on a market. It uses it’s own system of warehouses, efficient logistic schemes and organazises reliable control.

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The products of deep processing of vegetables and fruits of new harvest
TisztaTermek Company works in agribusiness more than 10 years and now is an investor-trader in the Russian market. Besides Russia, the organization is presented on the markets of CIS countries, China and UA. TisztaTermek Company invests significant resources in different sectors, engaged in direct and strategic investment.

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