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Whole milk substitute

Whole milk substitute

Whole milk substitute

Whole milk substitutes are made of a mixture of dairy products with subsequent their condensation and mixing with the extruded soy flour, barley extruded and / or extruded wheat and / or soy protein isolate and / or soy protein concentrate and / or isolate, wheat protein, and / or potato protein concentrate and / or whey dry enriched lactate and / or premixes for farm animals, poultry and fish and / or vitamin premixes and / or mineral premixes and / or vitamin and mineral premixes and / or calcium phosphate fodder and / or whey concentrate protein obtained by ultrafiltration and / or carbohydrate-protein concentrate and / or milk-fat concentrate, and spray drying to install.

Can be manufactured by dry mixing.

Depending on the physico-chemical parameters of whole milk substitutes are made of the following types:

  • Milk substitutes "P-12" and "C-12" - 12% fat
  • Milk substitutes "P-14" and "C-14" - 14% fat
  • Milk substitutes "P-16" and "C-16" - 16% fat
  • Milk substitutes "P-18" and "C-18" - 18% fat
  • Milk substitutes "P-20" and "C-20" - 20% fat


The product is used to replace whole milk with calves from 2 weeks of age, also for the implementation of the company different forms of ownership, private farms engaged in growing, fattening and breeding of farm animals for food production as a raw material for manufacturers of food products and export.


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